The vision of Self Perform is to create artisanal pieces that exist on the borderline between costume and fashion. We aim to pose questions around the definition of these terms in our current lives; What is the difference between clothing and costume?  What role does clothing play in our personal life performances?

Inspired by the famous Shakespearean philosophy; "All the world's a stage", we have created a brand that both celebrates and provides wardrobe options for The Theatre of Everyday Life. We bring this idea into practice by designing clothing that can be worn either as glamorous costumes on their own, or paired with wardrobe staples and embraced in an everyday way.

We love to create costumes for performers both on and off the stage. We offer an array of products from festival costumes, to second skins, to evening wear, to dance leotards, to custom designed costumes for individuals or groups. All of our garments are designed intentionally to help activate certain qualities or aspects of Self within the personalities of those who embody them.

Our aesthetic combines classic shapes with dazzling textures and tonal arrangements. Creating interesting juxtapositions of delicate yet bold, clean yet intricate; and always finished with immaculate craftsmanship. 100% designed, sampled and Made in Australia from local materials, every piece is an artisanal work of art. We make everything to order by demand, so as to minimise waste and adhere to our personalised service and philosophy of 'clothing as meaningful art form'.

As a concluding statement we are passionate advocates for the belief that all bodies are beautiful!  We believe that fashion should be accessible for all colours, shapes, sizes and orientation. Self Perform are 100% body positive and encourage any woman or man coming into the realisation of their own unique beauty and power. We believe in unconditional Self love through Self acceptance and authentic expression. We believe the essence of beauty lies not within an external ideal, but within potent Self Awareness.